How to preserve the legacy of important American composers after they die

Cecile Bazelon Cecile Bazelon
“I don’t want conductors or performers saying that the widow is pestering them, so largely I try to rely on publishers and recordings to be effective.”
Roswell Rudd Roswell Rudd
“There are no big campaigns that I know of to put Herbie Nichols stage center. I wish there were. But all over the planet you’ll find people playing this music…”
Virginia Bortin Virginia Bortin
“In 1996, her family founded the Elinor Remick Warren Society… Since that time, a Web site has been developed, which provides a comprehensive view of Warren’s life and work…”
Walter Ivan Von Wayditch Walter Ivan Von Wayditch
“I shall not wail of how it is impossible that I shall ever hear the bulk of my father’s music to which I have dedicated the bulk of my insignificant life. This filial piety was and still is my religion to my dying hour…”