How has music influenced your artwork and if you listen to music in your studio as you work, what are you listening to and why? Rebeca Bollinger

Digital still from Fields (Home Depot), 2002
Courtesy of the artist and Gee’s Bend

With my video works I am interested in the patterning and form that comes from chance associations, both analog and digital, through repetition and re-mixing, similarity and difference. I often work with image fragments and mix them into a new form. In this way I am very influenced by how many people work with sound. Often the cadence that emerges from a video work comprised of fragments that build over time functions, for me, as a kind of imagined visual sound.

Recently I got an iPod and am trying to listen to and share as much music as I can, allowing the “shuffle” function to surprise me with new combinations of works previously unknown to me, a series of bird songs or music from Gee’s Bend. While working, I always wear headphones.