How does using music notation software affect your music?

Mary Ellen Childs Mary Ellen Childs
“I love using notational software when I write traditionally notated instrumental pieces. However, I also write a lot of music that can’t be notated in any standard notation, mainly because movement is an integral part of my music…”
Gloria Coates Gloria Coates
“Personally, I find it easier to compose the old fashioned way—with paper and pen—and usually do not recopy a score once the music is written…”
Jerome Kitzke Jerome Kitzke
“Any explanation of why I do not use a computer for score production would have to begin with the fact that I do not use a computer at all. This is in no way an ideological stance. I simply, thus far, have not needed one…”
Robert Morris Robert Morris
“Because I have found myself involved in many different kinds of compositional projects, I have needed more than one music copying program. I have no problem with this, for perhaps it is too much to ask one program to do everything…”
Joseph Pehrson Joseph Pehrson
“I’m finding working with Sibelius now just wonderful. I can compose with a full-sized 88-key MIDI keyboard, earphones that won’t disturb the neighbors, and can get a better sense of what I’m doing than my former method of singing, humming, and banging on the piano…”
Walter Thompson Walter Thompson
“Composing a Sound Painting for publication poses an obvious problem—namely, how do you take a composing/conducting system that is propelled by live performance and set it down on paper?…”