How does the venue and the audience affect the music you play? Oliver Lake

Oliver Lake
Photo by Chris Drukker

It’s very difficult to describe the effect that different venues have on my performances. Certain audiences have different energies. Often the audience becomes a part of the performance and that can affect the performance in different ways. The more intimate, the better.

I primarily play for myself and hope that the audience loves it. It is very difficult to second guess an audience. The main thing is that I play honestly and from my heart, and I feel that the audience will recognize this, regardless of who they are.

Do you play differently in the studio vs. a live performance? I try not to play differently for studio recordings and live audiences, but the environment does have an effect on the playing. I prefer to play in an intimate setting with many people. (This is not easily done, but this is the ideal setting.) My main goal is honest communication. I hope to accomplish this regardless of the environment.