How do you approach putting music to words? Language Removal Services

How do you approach putting music to words? Language Removal Services

Language Removal Services

Many people would say, not altogether erroneously, that our approach to setting words to music is rather heavy-handed; we just get rid of them. But, instead, I would characterize what we do as the process of finding the music within, inside, and underneath the words themselves. We take for granted that there is an inherent musicality to be found not only in speech and song, but also in the human apparatus that produces it. Our work is to reveal that music, and to extend that apparatus in new directions. For instance, in our work with opera, we begin with the characteristics of a given singer’s vocal apparatus; create an algorithmic map of those features, and a corresponding map of the music’s features; and it is then possible to combine these very different sets of information in a way that is true to both, and also a completely new creature. Ultimately, it seems very important that neither words nor music be asked to become its "other"; instead, why not ask them both to become something else altogether???

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