How do composers use the Web as a creative medium for music?

Nicolas Collins Nicolas Collins
“Hearing the song for free on the radio drove people to the shops to buy the record, the “real thing.” When records are free, might the thirst for the real thing drive consumers to the concert hall?”
DJ Tamara DJ Tamara
“Hopefully John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow and Morton Subotnick cured us of our reliance on the pencil long ago, because we definitely have to think outside of the five lines on this one…”
Pauline Oliveros Pauline Oliveros
“The ability to transmit audio files over the Internet opens up world-wide collaborations. Collaborating composers can download, edit, process and mix files with one or many others. This is a great playground for music…”
Jovino Santos Neto Jovino Santos Neto
“I do not feel threatened by someone sharing my music online. The future will hopefully bring a restructuring of our present product-based concept of music towards a process-based attitude, closer to the reality of the musical flow…”
Eve Beglarian Eve Beglarian
“It seems to me to be a pressing question to figure out how to give the user/listener/visitor control over time, without losing creative control over the central element that makes our art meaningful…”