Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

Developed as an organization of teaching musicians and scholars, the College Music Society (CMS) is dedicated to the support of the philosophy and practice of music. Building new forums to discuss the variety of music and their study, the members of CMS share the common interest and commitment to the science of learning and the art of teaching.

CMS publishes a number of publications, including a newsletter, the journal College Music Symposium, two series CMS Reports and Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music, and the society has re-issued Columbia Records‘ Black Composers Series. CMS also makes its information services available through both printed and electronic publications, including the Music Vacancy List, the Directory of Music Faculties in Colleges and Universities, U.S. and Canada, and the International Directory of Music Organizations.

Designed for the educator, CMS offers professional development workshops for teaching skills. National and International events are planned, and the society meets each fall (the next will be in Toronto during November 2000). Regional chapters give members the opportunity to discuss issues with other members in their own region, and meetings are held in the spring of each year. CMS also sponsors forums and electronic discussion groups in the areas of composition, ethnomusicology and world music, music education, general music studies, music theory, musicology, performance, cultural diversity, and gender studies.

The CMS Web site offers a number of public services. CMS offers information regarding education in music geared toward private instruction and school programs on all levels (primary, secondary, and post-secondary). Directories of institutions and organizations are available online. Public discussion and information is also listed on how to support music, education in music, the creation of music, music presentation, and music research.

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