European American Music Distributors Reorganizes

Copyright attorney, music industry veteran, and AMC board member Jim Kendrick has been named acting president of European American Music Distributors Limited Liability Corporation (EAMDLLC) , formerly European American Music Distibutors Corporation (EAMDC). The restructuring follows the unexpected death of longtime European American Music head Ronald Freed on February 20. One of the company’s founding executives, Kendrick went on to serve as CEO of Boosey and Hawkes, Inc. and is currently a partner with the firm Brown, Raysman, Millstein, Felder & Steiner, LLP.

EAMDLLC is a joint venture between Miami-based Warner Bros. Publications and European American Music Distributors Corporation (EAMDC), representing international publishers Schott and Universal Edition (UE). In addition to Kendrick’s appointment, it has also been announced that European executive Thomas Sertl, head of legal affairs for Schott Music International in Mainz, Germany and a former executive with Universal Edition will take over responsibility for EAMD-LLC’s efforts on behalf of Schott and UE.

“Ronald’s passing was a terrible shock to all of us,” Fred S. Anton, CEO of Warner Bros. Publications, stated when the announcement was made. “Those of us who knew Ronald will miss his warmth, his wonderful sense of humor, and his capabilities as an executive. We’re very pleased that Jim Kendrick and Thomas Sertl have agreed to step up and lend their considerable talents, experience, and judgment to EAMDLLC to see it through this difficult time.”