Dream on a Cirrus Sky

Ignore the PR machine behind Neo Camerata. According to the Svengalis, Neo C (their term, not mine) is hipper than cocaine circa 1977. Whether or not the group exudes that intangible rock band vibe, or—hold the phone—actually is hip, seems a little beside the point. In reality, it’s just a bunch of pretty chamber music dressed up with leather jackets and miniskirts in desperate need of attention. The music isn’t edgy or anything, on the contrary it’s actually rather tame. In fact, the pop song-length Dream on a Cirrus Sky is gushingly syrup-like, echoing a sort of radio-edit version of “Louange à l’immortalité de Jésus” from Messiean’s Quartet for the End of Time. If anything, the average consumer is going to use this CD to impress a date.


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