Do you still identify yourself as an American composer?

Charlemagne Palestine Charlemagne Palestine
“I was born a hop, skip, and a jump from the Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn and I’m always ready to hop, skip, and jump to either side of the Atlantic when there’s something delicious for me to do there…”
Steve Lacy Steve Lacy
“I have always felt that a musician must follow his music wherever it takes him, and I do whatever it takes to keep it going, without artistic compromise…”
John McGuire John McGuire
“From those who told me that my music “sounds American” (and there were quite a few) I was never able to get any clear answer as to why. Certainly I would be unable to answer this myself…”
Nancy Van de Vate Nancy Van de Vate
“I still consider myself and my music American. Even the traits that enable me to live and work effectively in another country are American, namely practicality and adaptability…”
James Dashow James Dashow
“Well, I am an American, I am a composer, and I am living in Italy, but I am not sure whether I would want to re-arrange those characteristics into a single phrase…”
Arnold Dreyblatt Arnold Dreyblatt
“While Europe has probably offered me creative opportunities that I might not have found in the States, I continue to see my work as American in style and in form, and European critics have generally agreed…”
Peter Garland Peter Garland
“I suggest you look at a map. The country I live in is still America, and may be (these days) more authentically “American” than the one you live in…”