Can recordings adequately recreate the “space” of a live performance?

Daniel Asia Daniel Asia
“This is the problem of feeling like a piece is not quite real until it is recorded. It would seem to me that live performance is still the more important, and preferred, form of communicating the essence of the musical experience, at least for acoustic music…”
Terri Lyne Carrington Terri Lyne Carrington
“The first thing I do is try not to compare between live and recorded performances. I try to look at them like apples and oranges, enjoying both, though they are two totally different flavors…”
Cindy Cox Cindy Cox
“…Surprisingly I find I usually like recordings better: in my own music I can achieve a more careful balance of the overall texture, which is often difficult given my typical layered and complex polyphonic approach to composition…”
Leonardo Balada Leonardo Balada
“…The spatial elements become lost once the work is recorded…”
Elliott Schwartz Elliott Schwartz
“…When a listener already knows the context in advance…the spatial separation can be imagined, often quite vividly…”