Are composers who use early music techniques writing new music?

Dennis Busch Dennis Busch
“Who attends performances of modern music? A handful of curiosity seekers. The general public are at home and they are listening to Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms (and hopefully Busch)…”
Elodie Lauten Elodie Lauten
“As far as Baroque compositional style is concerned, I don’t use typical theme-development or counterpoint schemes. The only Baroque style quote is a brief harpsichord cadenza in “Fear,” contrasting with an otherwise organic, chromatic piece without themes…”
Stefania De Kenessey Stefania De Kenessey
“The newest of the “new” must now return to tradition, to sonorities, techniques and idioms that are somehow familiar. Not blindly, not stupidly, and certainly not as a retrogressive gesture…”
Robert Sirico Robert Sirico
“Many modern compositions are so esoteric with rhythms that are so bizarre that one may feel “assaulted” by the sounds. On the contrary I am looking to the “familiar” to soothe, to comfort, and to inspire…”
Milos Raickovich Milos Raickovich
“Since 1979, I have been composing in a “style” which I like to call New Classicism….Its form is classical (e.g. the sonata cycle), but the tonality is reduced to only a few notes of the scale…”
Roy Whelden Roy Whelden
“With the fresh timbres of seventeenth and eighteenth-century instruments comes a new set of resources for the composer to explore…”