2009 USArtists International Supports American Performances Around the Globe

2009 USArtists International Supports American Performances Around the Globe

The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation has announced the second round grantees for the 2009 USArtists International program. Committed to sending American artists around the globe—from Mexico (Chris Cogburn to the Free Improvisation, Free Jazz and Noise Festival) to Morocco (Donald Harrison’s Congo Nation to the Festival of Gnaoua and World Music)—the program works to strengthen the creative and professional development of American dance, music, and theatre artists by providing grants to support their performances around the world at significant international festivals and engagements that represent extraordinary career opportunities.

A complete list of funded ensembles and festival destinations can be found here.

In this latest round of funding, 37 grants (out of 83 eligible applications requesting support) were awarded to support performing arts ensembles and soloists at festival engagements around the world. In the area of music, Timothy Jackson (general manager, Monterey Jazz Festival), Mari Kimura (composer/violinist), Jeff Parks (director of programming, Washington Performing Arts Society), and Pamela Z (composer/performer) served as panelists. —Condensed from the press release

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