Julia Wolfe Named 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Julia Wolfe Named 2016 MacArthur Fellow

She was recognized for synthesizing “various musical styles in highly physical, large-scale narrative compositions that reimagine folk traditions and lore and address issues of the American worker.”

On Readers, Fakers, Bakers, Writers & Ruptures

A publication from the St. Petersburg Society

Coming from a Jewish background personally did not mean that somebody was necessarily familiar with any intrinsic qualities of klezmer, although—unless they’d developed an aversion through early negative exposure to this sometimes-stigmatized heritage—it usually didn’t hurt.

A Band Apart: Resident Evil

A Band Apart: Resident Evil

What does it mean when strangers show up, infiltrate our institutions, assimilate our knowledge, and then leave? Ensemble-in-residence…who does that?

American Composers Orchestra President Michael Geller Departing in December

Michael Geller

After 20 years as executive leader of American Composers Orchestra (ACO), President and CEO Michael Geller will depart the organization at the end of 2016. He is leaving to attend to personal and family obligations while considering new professional opportunities. ACO’s Board of Directors is seeking a new executive director who will continue to build upon the success and stability that Geller has spearheaded over the past 20 years.

Eight Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful 5-to-9 Composer

Aerial view of pair of shows on hopscotch grid with numbers 10 and 8 visible (Photo by Mads Bødker: www.flickr.com/photos/boedker/)

So how can you too hold down a glamorous, innervating office/day job and still find time to fulfill your artistic dreams, musical or otherwise? Here are eight suggestions (some of which I’m sure apply to “full-time” composers as well).

Seeking My Sonic Soul in the Land of Pre-Sliced Challah


Although raised in a musically-oriented New York City family, I only heard most of the genres that are now key inspirations for me during my New England college years and in the decade after (much of which I spent in the progressive Pacific Northwest).

Some Reflections on Transitioning Out of Being a “Young Composer”

Man sitting on rocky cliff

Composing is about who you know…The reasons why you write music will become clearer… Thinking back on the past few years, I suppose I have learned a few things that would have been useful to my 20-something self. So in the spirit of paying it forward, here are some reflections on composing after young-composer-hood.

Remembering Connie Crothers (1941-2016)

Connie Crothers About to play a chord on the piano.

It took Connie Crothers several years of profound study before she would perform in public. She she eventually began to perform solo, and to experience rejection from the audience. She also offered reasons why her band would not perform more frequently. She was adamant that it had to do with the divide in the jazz world—jazz tunes versus free jazz/free improvisation—and with the fact that she was a woman leader and would be hired less often because of it.

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