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NewMusicBox, a multimedia publication from New Music USA, is dedicated to the music of American composers and improvisers and their champions.

NewMusicBox offers: in-depth profiles, articles, and discussions; up-to-the-minute industry news and commentary; a direct portal to our internet radio station, Counterstream; and access to an online library of more than 57,000 works by more than 6,000 composers.

Building on the energy derived from the music itself, NewMusicBox invigorates and gives voice to a global online community dedicated to this ever-evolving music while bringing it to the attention of the world at large.

NewMusicBox Staff

Frank J. Oteri, Composer Advocate and Co-Editor, NewMusicBox

Frank J. Oteri – Photo by Jeffrey Herman

Frank J. Oteri is the composer advocate at New Music USA and has been an editor for its web magazine NewMusicBox since its inception in May 1999. An outspoken crusader for new music and the breaking down of barriers between genres, Frank has written for publications including BBC Music, Chamber Music, Ear Magazine, Stagebill/Playbill, Symphony, Time Out New York and the Revised New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, has been a frequent radio and pre-concert speaker, and has served as the host for ASCAP’s Thru The Walls showcase, Meet The Composer’s The Works in Minneapolis, and his own 21st Century Schizoid Music series at the Cornelia Street Café. As part of his work as Composer Advocate, Oteri attends numerous conferences and other music-related events across the United States and abroad. He additionally serves on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and chairs the communications working group of the International Association of Music Information Centers (IAMIC). Frank holds a B.A. and a M.A. (in Ethnomusicology) from Columbia University where he served as Classical Music Director and World Music Director for WKCR-FM.

Frank’s own musical compositions, which reconcile structural concepts from minimalism and serialism and frequently explore microtonality, span operas and chamber music, solo keyboard works and even original bluegrass/old-timey songs. His music has been programmed in venues ranging from Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall, the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art and the Theatre Royal in Bath, England to Galapagos, the Knitting Factory, the Sidewalk Café and the Bethlehem Musikfest (PA) to PONCHO Concert Hall in Seattle where John Cage first prepared a piano. Interpreters of his music include sopranos Gilda Lyons and Cybele Paschke, male soprano/baritone Phillip Cheah, tenors Rob Frankenberry and Harlan DeBell, keyboardists Sarah Cahill, Trudy Chan, Elaine Funaro, Robert Heath, Aron Kallay, Jenny Lin, Rebecca Pechefsky, and Marvin Rosen, Vicki Ray, guitarists Dominic Frasca and David Starobin, clarinettist Michiyo Suzuki, the Magellan String Quartet, Sylvan Winds, Pentasonic Winds, the rock band Capital M, the Locrian Chamber Players, Central City Chorus, and the Young People’s Chorus of New York City conducted by Francisco J. Núñez. Oteri’s Last Minute Tango appears on Guy Livingston’s DVD, One Minute More, his 1/4-tone saxophone quartet Fair and Balanced? has been released on the PRISM Quartet’s CD, Dedication, and his 1/6-tone rock suite is the title track for the Los Angeles Electric 8’s disc Imagined Overtures. Additionally, his Just Salsa, performed by a Latin band in 11-limit just intonation, has been recorded on the American Festival of Microtonal Music’s PITCH series. MACHUNAS, Oteri’s “performance oratorio in four colors” based on the life of Fluxus-founder George Maciunas created in collaboration with painter/performance artist Lucio Pozzi, was staged at the Contemporary Arts Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the International Christopher Summer Festival in a production conducted by Donatas Katkus (August 20-21, 2005). In 2007, Oteri was the recipient of ASCAP’s Victor Herbert Award for his “distinguished service to American music as composer, journalist, editor, broadcaster, impresario, and advocate.”

Molly Sheridan, Co-Editor, NewMusicBox and Director, Counterstream Radio

Molly Sheridan

Molly Sheridan is a writer, editor, and producer specializing in classical and experimental music, with a focus on multimedia content designed for the web. A winner of ASCAP’s Deems Taylor Award for music journalism, she is the executive editor of NewMusicBox and director of Counterstream Radio, both programs of New Music USA.

She hosted Carnegie Hall’s Sound Insights podcast series and her writing has appeared in publications such as TimeOut, The Washington Post, Serious Eats, and on her ArtsJournal blog, Mind the Gap. Prior to joining the media staff, Sheridan worked for the American Symphony Orchestra League, where she was associate editor of Symphony magazine and the League’s webmaster. She attended the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University, earning a bachelor’s in journalism with a specialization in violin performance and French.

About New Music USA

New Music USA was officially created on November 8, 2011, as the result of the merger between the American Music Center and Meet The Composer. Its mission to increase opportunities for composers, performers, and audiences is advanced through two basic kinds of activity: Support and Promotion. By providing financial and other support, it enables composers and other musical artists to create the new work that is the beating heart of our musical culture. Through its strong and evolving new media dimensions, it seeks to bring more attention to the field and engage a broad audience of potential listeners.

New Music USA is designed to build upon the combined and interconnected strengths of AMC and MTC. AMC, founded in 1939 by composers Marion Bauer, Aaron Copland, Howard Hanson, Harrison Kerr, Otto Luening, and Quincy Porter, was dedicated to building a national community of artists, organizations, and audiences creating, performing, and enjoying new American music. Over the past decade, AMC concentrated on advocacy for the community through a variety of online initiatives and also continued to support the community through grant programs, an array of information services, and by engaging with the broader performing arts field. MTC was founded in 1974 as a project of the New York State Council on the Arts. Led by the visionary composer John Duffy, MTC soon became an independent organization dedicated to the idea of composers as active professionals with a central role in our country’s musical culture. In the more than thirty years since, MTC grew to become a truly national organization, serving composers and audiences in all fifty states and promoting a thrillingly broad range of new music. MTC’s core programs—which include Commissioning Music/USA, Music Alive, and MetLife Creative Connections—are all continuing, as are NewMusicBox and Counterstream Radio (both originally AMC programs) under the New Music USA umbrella. Maintaining a strong online presence as well as an active network of worldwide contacts, which includes serving as the official United States member of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), New Music USA aims to bring the music created in this country to a global audience.

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